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About Monthly Subscription Hair Care Boxes and Salon Hair Care Products from HAIRBOX

The HAIRBOX monthly subscription box solution

Some people like predictability—others revel in being different. But there's one area where conformity and a one-size-fits-all approach never works: your HAIR. So why would you want to receive random one-size-fits-all hair products in your subscription haircare box? You wouldn't.

At HAIRBOX, we provide answers to the questions, "What monthly haircare subscription box has products that best match my hair?" and "Where can I find a monthly subscription box with the best full-size salon brand hair care products?"

HAIRBOX creates subscription hair boxes containing only professional shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products that match your hair's every need. We know that everyone is unique, and that is why we curate individual beauty boxes specific to you and your hair.  You will experience full-size professional salon products with each delivery.

how we do it

By setting up your profile at our Create Hair Profile page and providing feedback on the products we send you, each custom hair box will be perfect and created just for you. The products in each box we send you are hand selected by a professional stylist who is passionate about hair. We provide the level of detail and care you would receive at a salon, as well as full-size salon brand hair care products, but without "full-size" salon prices.

Not only do we choose the best products for your hair, we also allow you to further customize your subscription hair box to include add-on items from our store as you need them.

​We then let you choose a delivery frequency- everyone uses hair products at a different rate and no one wants to build a warehouse to stock all the excess product they've received but haven't used. We'll handle the warehousing part—you just let us know how often to send your box.

and why

We love subscription boxes, but know that haircare products are specialized, and product choices depend greatly on each individual’s hair. That's why we created a custom subscription box service to ensure that our customers receive salon products specifically recommended for their hair with each delivery best matching their needs, and with all the salon care and quality they deserve.

We also know local salons are often limited on what products they carry. At Hairbox, we love that we can offer our customers a large verity of brands and product lines allowing you and your hair to experience new products and brands as well as old favorites.

Oh, one other reason why we do this—we're crazy passionate about hair! That's why we put the same energy into thinking about your hair that we do our own.

how to get started

Create a hair profile to begin your subscription today!